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maandag 5 februari 2018

30th TECHNO-CLASSICA ESSEN 2018 : Persbericht


The automobile world exhibition from 

 21st* until 25th March 2018

Gruga Hallen Essen



Victrace Retro Media was er in 1985  &  1988
(*Essen Motor Show) al heel vroeg bij 😇.

- SP - 123 GT 
Daarna ging de TECHNO CLASSICA volgen.
Er zijn in 2011 , 2012  Part I & II , 2017  Part I & II
 Extended Reports gepubliceerd.
 Victrace Retro Media zal er in 2018 helaas niet bij kunnen zijn. 


– the original celebrates anniversary
The number 1 of the classic fairs:
 pioneer and example or a lot of vintage-car exhibitions

Special exhibition: 95 years Le Mans
Official historical company presentations of approximately 25 brands 
of the international vehicle industry
The most important classic fair: 
more than 2,700 collector’s cars for purchase, more than 1,250 exhibitors, 
more than 220 clubs and communities of interest.


*21st March 2018: Preview, happy view day

From 21st until 25th March 2018 with the Techno-Classica Essen the S.I.H.A.
 organises the classic fair with the greatest success and most visitors of the
 world for the 30 th time. Organised as first great German car-salon for 
vintage-cars, connoisseurs- and collector’s-vehicles in February 1989 it was,
 and is, an often copied, but never reached, example for a lot of other events of 
this type. With constant model upkeeping measures it has kept its pioneer role
 and even still extended – and, nevertheless, remained the unique original. 
Its recipe for success: To present to the visitors from more than 40 nations
 always the newest of the international scene as selection of the best from all
 fields of the classic hobby. With more than 1,250 exhibitors from more than 
30 nations the Techno-Classica Essen reinforces its significance as number 1 
of the international vintage-car and collector’s vehicles fairs and provides 
a comprehensive image of the international classic scene.

Also the most important international car manufacturers use the power of ray
 of the automobile world leading fair: About 25 automobile brands present
 chosen exhibits, which are to see at a large part at the Techno-Classica Essen
 exclusively, at their plant stands. They make the automobile world leading fair
 to the greatest history platform of the international car industry and
 demonstrate with their mostly spectacular appearances, which importance
 they attach to the classic world fair. The classic enthusiasts are appreciative of
 this: 2017 more than 185,000 visitors flocked into the full occupied exhibition
 halls at the Essen Gruga-park. And also the exhibitors know:
At the TechnoClassica Essen they play in the Champions League.

For the anniversary exhibition the organiser provides a special 
exhibition ofworld-class: 
On the occasion of the 95 years existence of the 24 hours of Le Mans
 the S.I.H.A. presents in the centre of the classic world fair, in hall 6,
 a special exhibition with racing cars, which are regarded as automobile
 historical gems even by extremely connoisseurs: 
Seven icons of the long-distance classics as from the 1960-ties 
are to admire at the Palais de l’Automobile.

But also for beginners in the classic scene the Techno-Classica Essen 
provides attractive offers:
More than 30 percent of the automobiles, offered for purchase, are reasonable 
“plug and play“-young-timer. The overall more than 2,700 offered classic-, 
collector’sand connaisseur-vehicles, young-timers and prestige cars make 
the Techno-Classica also in spring 2018 to the greatest classic market of
 the world again – here the Crème de la Crème of the international classic 
dealers come together with offerers of use-classics and private sellers.
The last are to find at the four open spaces above all.

Also for the more than 220 exhibiting classic-clubs and communities of 
interest the Techno-Classica Essen 2018 is regarded as the most important
 classic fair of the year: The honoraries make it to one of the greatest club
 meetings of the vintage-car and youngtimer scene of the world and reflect
 the variety of the international vintage-car and classic scene with their
 commitment. Their appearances are supplemented as well by the qualitative
 and quantitative unattained offers of top-restorers, supplying enterprises,
 suppliers of car literature, spare part dealers, accessories sellers, clock- and
 technology dealers, artists and art dealers, publishers, and not at least model
 car suppliers. Because the Techno-Classica Essen is the fair with 
the greatest profit potential.

The consequence: The specialist dealers – as well as also the visitors – 
are not coming only from entire Europe, but also from overseas. 
So, among others, exhibitors from North and South America, and in 
the last years also increasingly from Far East, present their range.

To the traditions, maintained at the Techno-Classica, belongs a 
Concours d’Elégance, at which an international jury of experts and specialist
 journalists elect the most beautiful, most elegant and most attractive dealer
 classic and choose “the Best of Show“. In addition there is a “Club Grand Prix“,
 at which the most attractive club presentations are honoured with high cash
 prizes for the club cashes. And the annual Coys-action, at which constantly far
 beyond 60 collector’s automobiles came under the hammer, belongs to 
the standards of the classic world fair too. The permanent detail 
improvements, innovations and the fresh ideas keep also the 
“30thWorld fair for vintage-cars, classic- & prestigeautomobiles, 
motor sport, motorcycles, spare parts, restoration and world club-meeting” 
so the official subtitle – young and provide in every year surprises.

Past and future: At the five-days fair everything, nearly everything, 
is offered around the topic vintage-cars and young-timers 
– so there meet from 21 st until 25 th March 2018 a lot of VIP’s from movies 
and TV, stars from the history and present of the motor sport and 
the most important deciders from the classic scene as well.
 The attractive and fascinating exhibition spectrum makes the Techno-Classica
 Essen to the automobile infotainment event of first class for the whole family, 
to the world fair of the car.

“The ambitioned beginnings were followed by years of consistent extension 
up to the label with worldwide respect – today the classic cosmos meets for 
the start of the season in Essen“, it is called in the prospect of the S.I.H.A. and:
 “Protect the spirit of the pioneers with us, yesterday – today – tomorrow.

 Share the passion“.

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