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vrijdag 8 februari 2013

12e Midland Classic Show 2012 Almere

12e Midland Classic Show 
30 september 2012 
"Stichting Vriendenkring Klassiekers"

Op de 30e september van 2012 werd de 12e Editie van de Midland Classic Show
gehouden, georganiseerd door de Stichting Vriendenkring Klassiekers.

Verwacht hier geen bijzondere exoten... 
maar de wat meer eenvoudige klassiekers voor Jan & Alleman.
En dat is goed voor wat afwisseling...

Het gaat tenslotte ook om de sfeer en het samen genieten
 van ons Cultureel rijdend Erfgoed nietwaar !?

Austin Maestro 1.6 Mayfair 1985

Victrace Retro Media Guestreporter Jan Miltenburg 
was erbij en maakte de volgende foto's....

Kijk en Geniet maar even mee..

Austin 10  four seater Military Vehicle 1939

Austin Glider 1100

in diverse uitvoeringen en kleuren !

Austin A50 Westminster

MG MGB 1973

Net terug van vakantie...

Brochure VRM

Brochure VRM
Renault Fregatte Grand Pavois 1956

Brochure VRM
Renault Fregate / Renault R8 Major

Peugeot 403

Panhard Dyna Z12 1957
Trabant / DKW  Auto Union 3=6
DKW Auto Union 1939
Mercedes Benzen met *Ster door-de.voorruit.

Triumph TR4 Sportscar


*Victrace Archives:

Triumph Herald...2012
Triumph Herald...2011 in Oud-Vreeswijk :)
 Reliant Robin Threewheeler

Midas Convertible  ( Zandvoort  2012^)
Quantum 2+2 convertible


Quantum Sports Cars was founded by Mark and Harvey Wooldridge in 1987.

Early models:

Quantum's first car was the Mark1 hatchback (also referred to as the Mk1
 coupé) which was based on the Mark1 Ford Fiesta. 
It reused all of the donor's mechanical and trim components in an elongated,
 more rounded shape. Due to its reduced weight over the donor vehicle,
 performance was significantly improved. The Coupé is unusual for low-
volume car manufacture in that it has a glass-reinforced plastic (grp)
 monocoque rather than a separate metal chassis. 
This approach relied upon the use of computer analysis to ensure that
 structural rigidity would not be compromised, offering the strength 
of a steel chassis but without the weight penalty.
The first Mark1 Quantum, bearing chassis number 001, was a development
 mule and was subject to so much adjustment that the Wooldridge brothers
 eventually decided the car would be too dangerous to keep on the road. 
This car was therefore disposed of in landfill. Chassis 002 was later damaged
 beyond repair in a head-on collision, so chassis 003 is now the oldest surviving
 example of a Quantum model and the first to be sold, after a short period
 being used for magazine tests and promotional materials. 
To ensure this historic car survives, the Quantum Owners Club has acquired
 this car and are in the process of restoring it. The last Mark1 Coupé produced,
 chassis number 017, is also now owned by the club.
In 1991, a restyled version was introduced, now based on the Mark2 Ford
 Fiesta with the rear-end shape changed from a hatchback to a saloon. 
This and other styling revisions led to far greater sales success: 
a total of 215 saloon models were produced before 
that model also ceased production.


Sunbeam Alpine /Renault CV4

Automobielen van allerlei "Pluimage" => Merken..
Ford,Volvo, Porsche, Triumph

Datsun 280 Z 2+2 1977

Glas V-8 Powered !!

The Glas V8 is a middle class four door saloon produced
 by Hans Glas GmbH at Dingolfing.
The car was first presented in September 1965 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The V8 shared its wheelbase with the company’s existing Glas 1700 sedan,
 which resulted in long overhangs at each and which some commentators felt
 compromised the aesthetics of the striking design and the car’s road holding.


Glas 1300 GT Sportcoupe
Tempo Vrachtauto
"Ruig" Daf Vrachtauto

Je kon ook met de bus mee...

"What's in a Name ?"
Brentwood Coaches - Guy Arab 1952

Fiat 500 C Giardiniera "woody" 1951
Fiat 500 "brandweerwagen"/Fiat 600 "racertje"/Fiat 850 Coupe

Brochure VRM

Ford Taunus (buckel) 10 M 1950

Austin Maestro 1.6 Mayfair 1985
Guestreporter: Jan Miltenburg.

Foto- & Tekst bewerking:
 Motoring George Spauwen.
Brochures-scans :
 Victrace Retro Media Archief



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