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dinsdag 5 februari 2013

The National Motor Museum Beaulieu


Austin saloon car 30-tiger jaren.
Op Beaulieu troffen wij ook
 deze automobielen aan...

Sunbeam Talbot Cabrio
Triumph Vitesse Cabrio / Triumph 2000

Triumph Herald estate

Austin 3.0 De Luxe Automatic 1971

Vreemde eend in de bijt..

Lancia Aprilia 1937-1948

Austin of England A40 Pick-up

Morris Marina Pick-up
Diverse Austin/Morris Minor 1000 varianten van: Pick-up
tot panel Van..

tot Traveller..tot Convertible...

Saloon tot nog een Convertible

Deze grijze muis..een leuke Riley Elf MK II dus.

Wolseley 1500 
 "Badge Engineering" Wolseley 1100 1968

Met verlichting in het Wolseley embleem

Wolseley 16/60 1964

Morris Oxford 1960

Three Wheeler

The classic 'Trotters Independent Traders Co' Van, from the UK BBC TV series 'Only Fools and Horses' a 1971 British Relliant Regal Super Van
Ford Anglia 1200 Super

Ford Escort 1300 L
Ford Zodiac MK I

Ford Zephyr

(Photo's: The National Motor Museum Beaulieu)
World Landspeed Car
Sunbeam "Golden Arrow" 1000 HP Henry Seagrave

World Landspeed Car
Donald Campbell
De Bluebird-Proteus CN7 in het National Motor Museum


Hillmann Minx 1938

Mr.Bean Mini 1979


Mini Cooper S

Morris Minor 1949

Jowett Javelin 1949

Austin A40 Sommerset 1953

Austin A90 Atlantic 1952

Coleman's Drive From Buenes Aires to New York in 
this Austin Seven in the years 1959-1960
1955 North Cape To Cape Town: Austin A50 Westminster 
1970 London to Mexico-city World Cup Rallye:  Austin Maxi 1969

in a Mini twice around the World: 1996 / 1999-2000


Ford Anglia 494A 1949

Ford Anglia 105 E 1966
Ford Consul MK I Convertible 1955

Ford Cortina MK I 1963

Sunbeam Talbot 90 Convertible 1952

MG PA 1935

The third model in a long line of traditional sports two-seaters made at Abingdon, 
starting with the MG M Type in 1929 and ending with the TF in 1955. 
Gone was the light fabric-covered pointed tail of the M Type;
 in came the slab tank at the rear.
This car had one owner all of its life, and the modifications to 
the dashboard are those of the original owner.
This vehicle is currently on display in the foyer of 
the National Motor Museum Trust Collections Centre.

Austin Healey 100/6  1956 - MG MG C GT
Microcars: Peel P50 /  BMW Isetta 300 1962  / Reliant three-wheeler

1935 Rytecraft Scoota-Car
Around the World Eastwards in 1965
A Classic London Bus

Rover P5 two-tone Saloon Car

Rover Estate

ex-Army Landrover Long Wheel Base

Mini Clubman
Bedford Van

Foto's: Jan Miltenburg.
Tekst: Motoring George

Foto- & Tekst bewerking:
 Motoring George Spauwen.
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