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maandag 7 maart 2016

The Jaguar E-Type CUT7 1961

A Jaguar E-Type CUT7 1961

‘CUT 7’

CUT 7 was the registration used on three of Dicks racing "E" types.
 The first, chassis number ,860004, was raced successfully in the early 60's however with the advent of the lightweight 'E' 's and Ferrari, a more competitive car was sought. 860004 was re-registered 636 CJU and sold as a road car much to the delight of the new owner.
No lightweight's were available from Jaguar at that time so a visit to the Jaguar parts department was made where a complete car was purchased in the form of "bodyshell 1", "wheels 4" etc etc.
The parts were then subsequently modified and assembled into a competetive "E" and raced successfully. In its first competitive outing at Snetterton, Dick rolled it three times (photograph below) in very wet conditions, followed by several other cars. This resulted in a rebuild to him and the car which was completed in 10 days.

Snetterton March 1963

Photocredits:  Archie Smith

A very famous Jaguar - the original `CUT 7', the ex-Dick Protheroe, 
1961 Jaguar E-TYPE 3.8 Fixed Head  Competition Coupé 
-  did  go under the hammer on February 26 2005 (estimate £275,000-£325,000).
`CUT 7', the fourth E-TYPE ever built, was delivered as a birthday present for Dick Protheroe's wife
and prepared for racing by Dick's own very capable team. 
It was campaigned extremely successfully during its first racing year, 1962,

Silverstone 1963

achieving many firsts including wins at Silverstone, Mallory Park and Crystal Palace.
 The car’s FIA papers list previous owners as David Wilding, John Young, D. Bell and Colin.

Autor: Bonhams


In 1989 reed John Young (GB) tijdens 
de 4e Historische Grand Prix Circuit Zandvoort
met een Chevrolet Malibu uit 1964 .
#52 John Young  (GB) - Chevrolet Malibu 1964 


#87 John Young (GB) nam met deze Jaguar deel aan de FISA GT CUP tijdens 
de 14e Historische Zandvoort Trophy 26-27 mei 1990
#87 John Young (GB)
#87 John Young (GB)

#87 John Young (GB) nam met deze Jaguar deel aan de FISA GT CUP tijdens 
de 14e Historische Zandvoort Trophy 26-27 mei 1990

(S-VHS CCD II Videosnapshots 
14th Historic Zandvoort Trophy  27-28 may 1990)
Dragers: S-VHS CCDII 1990
TAPENR: S007 Videofootage: 2.23.00 min


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