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dinsdag 27 september 2016

Goodwood Revival 2016: Racing Day I

Goodwood Revival 2016
09/10/11 sept 2016 

Racing Day I :

Dries van der Lof : Ferrari 375 Grand Prix F1 4.5 Ltr 1951

Tijdens 1e Historisch Automobiel Festival Eindhoven 1988 &
 Ferrari Club Nederland => 7e Internationale Zandvoort Meeting 1989

Goodwood Trophy Race:

#15 Alexander van der Lof : Ferrari 340 F1 1950


#37 Racing Team Holland : Sofie Honis -> Austin J40
SOFIE HONIS : Racing Team Holland
#37 Racing Team Holland :
 Sofie Honis -> Austin J40


Sir Stirling Moss - Sir John Surtees

Sir Jack Brabham
^^ #17 Frazer Nash targa Florio 1953#1#15
#15 Frazer Nash targa Florio 1953
6th Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 1991 
#23  LOY500 Tojeiro Bristol 1953  19

53An accomplished club racer who had enjoyed some notable successes with his Cooper MG 1.5 litre sports racer 'JOY 500', London-based car dealer Cliff Davis decided to move up to the 2 litre class for the 1953 season. To this end he commissioned talented engineer John Tojeiro to design an all independently sprung chassis which could accommodate Bristol's tunable 2 litre engine. Bodied in the style of a contemporary Ferrari Barchetta by Eric Hall and Bill Rich, the resultant aluminium-skinned machine was road registered as 'LOY 500'. Well balanced and fast, the Tojeiro-Bristol had a magnificent season and even won the support race at the Dutch Grand Prix beating the 2 litre Maseratis.
Davis suggested to Tojeiro that the sports racer could form the basis of a production model and thus earn some money. Learning that AC Cars Ltd were looking for a project, Tojeiro took 'LOY 500' to the firm's Thames Ditton factory for evaluation. The Directors were impressed and could see a future in the design. Suitably evolved it debuted at the London Motor Show as the AC Ace (John Tojeiro being paid £5 per car in royalties).
(Bron: Classic Driver)
 LOY500 Tojeiro Bristol 1953
at Circuit Terleamen Zolder 
European Historic Grand Prix 1988 

Rocca S.Cascione
#102 Agace - Seville
Tojeiro Bristol Sport
Circolo Della Biella
 LOY500 Tojeiro Bristol 1953
at the 5a Coppa d'Italia Autostoriche 1989
11th Historic Zandvoort Trophy 1987

LOY 501 Tojeiro MG
Stirling Moss Empire Trophy 1951
Techno Classica 2012

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Goodwood  Revival
09/10/11 sept 2016 
Motoring George Spauwen.


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