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British Cars and Lifestyle 2016 Part II

British Cars & Lifestyle 

Lente in de Bol...
 Because it is a very long report,
 and they have to scroll too much, 
I break it down into 2 parts ...
This is PART II

Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club

Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster 1951 6 Cyl.

De tijd vliegt en wij ook...


Triumph TR2 1954
Triumph TR2 1954

Gadgets & Models

Club Magazines

Old Leather...

Waarover praten zij...

Triumph TRW 500 cc 1956

Triumph the best , Forget the Rest.

Toy for a little Boy


Ford Cortina 1600 Super 
Automatic Convetible 1968
Ford Escort 1100 De Luxe Estate 1974

Bentley S3 Saloon Automaat 1963

Bentley S3 Saloon Automaat 1963

Daimler Double Six 1988 

Jaguar XJC 1977

Rover P5B 1971 


a real Barnfind 
Rover 1909 
'An older restoration '... 
Boxer Engine...

Austin Twelve New Ascot saloon 1937

Morris Commercial  Truck
Morris Commercial  Truck
'Claude Greengrass ' & his Morris Commercial Truck

Zo weggelopen uit de Engelse serie 'Heartbeat' ^
Bill Maynard is fondly remembered as the crafty old
rogue Claude Greengrass in Heartbeat (1992-2010), 
His career as an actor and entertainer goes back over 75 years.

"The Actors"

Austin Twelve New Ascot saloon 1937

Austin A35 1958
Austin A35 1966  Panel Van

Austin Maxi 1750 HL 1979
Ausin Morris Riley Wolseley Register

40 Jaar !

Matchless Motorcycles 

Molenaar Amersfoort
Morris Minors saloon cars..

De Traveller versie

Aston Martin DB9 (2005)

54.468 Km op de teller...

Alvis Owners Club Nederland

Alvis 20-tiger jaren...

Alvis Speed  Tourer 1937 /    Alvis TA14  Drophead Coupe 1948

Alvis TA21 Tickford DHC 1952
Alvis TA21 Tickford DHC 1952
Alvis TA21 Tickford DHC 1952


Alvis TC21 1954 

Alvis TC21 1954 


Alvis TD21 1968 

 Hillman Minx Tickford Burlington

Coupe open top Tourer 1933

MG TD 1953

Bentley T1  Engine 1969
Bentley MK VI 1950 Aboott Coupe
Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 1948

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 1948
Rolls Royce Hooper

Rolls Royce Camarque 1971

Autorai 1971
Lotus Club Holland 50 Jaar !
Lotus Europa twin cam 1971

Lotus Europa S1 1966

Lotus Europa S1 1966

Lotus Europa 1968

Lotus Europa S2 1973

Lotus Evora 400



MG TC Midget 1947 "Jos Car"

MG A Type Owners Club Holland

Coupe racer...

Jaguar MK II 1961

Triumph TR3 1960

Triumph TR3 1956


Oook in het weekend wordt doorgewerkt...

Triumph Vitesse cabrio 1968

Triumph Stag (2+2) V8 2973 cc 1970-1977

Visit England...

The Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club




Triumph Super 7 1928

Alex Hegie

"Dr.Tiger Roelofski" & his Triumph Super 7 Gnat Roadster 884 cc 1

930 for a first short driving experience on 15.09.2008
A Gnat..Be Proud of That!
Produced by: Motoring George 

Triumph Gloria 1935

Triumph Gloria 1935


Rover 75 2004

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

The Ultimate 2VEV Aston Martin 

Happy Hour

Suixtil at Life Speed
Jaguar XK 120

MG SA  Saloon 1935

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Het zit en staat er  weerop...
5 x maal op rij was Victrace Retro Media erbij.
Vele foto's geschoten , videoclipjes gemaakt.
Maar liefst 12 Extended Reports zijn er gepubliceerd .
Het is nu mooi geweest !

Met Speciale Dank aan Jan de Boer en 
Angeliek  Langerak
voor hun Fotobijdragen.

Foto's- & Tekstbewerking,
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We zijn weer thuis ;)

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