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maandag 27 februari 2017

Ducati Sport 125 cc 1960

Ducati Sport 125 cc 1960

"Barneville City Racing"



Te koop aangeboden een van mijn troetel kindjes: 

Ducati Sport 1960 125 cc 

* Uiterst geschikt voor Historisch racen 
binnen de 125 Klasse der H.M.V. en C.R.T. 

Technische gegevens:

Smal carter met 5 Versn. + Reserve 4 Bak blok in onderdelen .
Blok opgebouwd met speciale Camko nokkenas 
Cylinderkop met grotere kleppen en 
inlaatkanaal met 26 Dellorto carburateur 
special hoge Piston , Toerenteller , 12V. accu, 
Akront velgen, 200 mm Grimeca dubbel voor en 180 mm achter. 

*Dit is gedaan i.s.m. Tech.Dienst Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
 en Specialist Bob van der Zijden : 
Balanceer en Elektronisch Engineering te Eindhoven.


Verder is er een neuskuipje en volle kuip.
Als extra's zitten er ook 2 x 2 Kettingtandwielen bij om te vergieren.

Met veel bekijks en plezier bij de C.R.T. en H.M.V. gereden en 
ik ga nog even door met mijn 125 Morini Corsaro Nr. 23 bij de H.MV. 

Prijs : 

#23 MOTO MORINI Corsaro 125 cc 1960



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donderdag 2 februari 2017

Techno Classica Essen 2017 Persbericht



The automobile world exhibition from 

5th* until 9th April 2017

Gruga Hallen Essen


Victrace Retro Media was er in 1985  & 1988
(*Essen Motor Show) al bij.

Ook in 2011 & 2012  zijn "Extended Reports" 
gepubliceerd. Victrace Retro Media
zal mogelijk in 2017 weer present zijn. 

– the whole classic world under one roof.
Official historical company presentations of about 25 brands
 of the international vehicle industry. 
More than 2,500 collector cars for purchase,
 more than 1,250 exhibitors, over 220 clubs and communities of interest.
- Special exhibition: Grand Prix of Monaco 1957
Look back to the future: 
- 135 years cars with electric drive from 1882 until 2017
The number 1 of the classic fairs: 
Pioneer and model for a lot of vintage-car exhibitions

5th April 2017: Preview, happy view day Essen.

 With more than 200,000 visitors in the past year the Techno-Classica Essen
 is not only the classic fair with the most visitors worldwide 
but documents also the permanent increasing economic power of 
the vintage-car- and connoisseur-vehicle-scene with its popularity. 
The success of the Techno-Classica Essen is unattained till today and is based
 on the principle of the organiser S.I.H.A. to present the visitors from more
 than 40 nations a selection from the best of all fields of the classic hobby. 
With more than 1,250 Exhibitors form over 30 nations it reinforces its
 significance as number 1 of the international classic fairs and offers 
a comprehensive picture of the international classic scene.

With lavish produced presentations of more than 25 German and international
 car manufacturers the classic world-fair is also 2017 the greatest history-show
 of the car industry worldwide again. With their mostly spectacular
 appearances the car manufactures demonstrate which importance 
they attribute to the classic world fair. 
Additionally in the almost 30 years of its existence the Techno-Classica Essen
 has developed to the most important meeting place and most promising
 market for the international classic-scene: 
More than 2,500 classic-, collectors- and connoisseur-vehicles, young-timer
 and prestige-cars are for purchase. Also for the more than 220 exhibiting
 classic clubs and communities of interest the Techno-Classica Essen 2017 
is regarded again as the most important classic fair of the year: 
They make the leading fair of the classic scene to one of the biggest 
club-meeting of the vintage-car- and young-timer-scene.

Furthermore at the Techno-Classica Essen in April 2017 a variety of 
top-restorers, supplying enterprises, suppliers of car literature, spare part 
dealers, accessories sellers, clock- and technology dealers, artists and art 
dealers, publishers, and not at least model car suppliers
will be represented, which make it to the classic-world-fair. 
The specialist dealers – as well as also the visitors – are not coming only from
 entire Europe, but also from overseas. So, among others, exhibitors from
 North and South America and even China present their range.

As the Techno-Classica was organised by the S.I.H.A. for the first time in 1989 
it was the first great international classic show in Germany and undertook 
as from the start the pioneer role. With permanent detail improvements, 
innovations and fresh ideas the todays “29 world fair for vintage cars, 
classic- & prestige-cars, motor sport, motorcycles, spare parts, 
restoration and world club meeting” holds its lead and still serves as
 – unsurpassed – model for the great number of vintage-car-fairs 
joined in the course of the years.
But the attractiveness of the Techno-Classica Essen is not only rooted in 
quality and quantity of the sales offers: 
It also presents each year automobile-historical gems to the connoisseurs
 under the classic experts with a spectacular special exhibition.

 In the centre of the classic world fair, in hall 6, the S.I.H.A. 2017 
presents under the topic :
- "Grand Prix Monaco 1957 "selected racing cars 
which have one common feature:

 They all started in the year 1957 at the Grand Prix of Monaco,
which won Juan Manuel Fangio in a Maserati 250F with more than
25 seconds lead ahead of Tony Brooks in a Vanwall VW5.

These both bolides decorate the S.I.H.A.-Stand around the Palais
de l’Automobile in Halle 6 just as a selection of the 16 mono-posts,
which th started on 19 May 1957 in Monte Carlo. 
Among them is a Ferrari 801, as it was driven by 
Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips, a Ferrari D 50, 
a Cooper Climax T43 and a Connaught Alta Type B.

 Cooper T43
"Racing is  Life. Anything before or after is just Waiting !"
#3 Spike Milligan (GB) in de Connaught A7 


a Connaught Type  A3 1952  #77 Adrian van der Kroft
In addition the visitors of the Techno-Classica Essen
 can take a look back to the future:

 About 120 years ago the automobilism was at a crossroads 
– exactly as today. 
Which kind of drive will carry through: 
internal combustion-engine or electric motor? 

In an special exhibition the classic world fair recalls 
an most extensive forgotten fact: 

Already in the years 1900 up to 1920 there was an astonishing great portion of cars with electric motors
 – just as from the year 1912 the petrol engine began to carry through finally 
in the car manufacturing after the invention of the electric starter.
 Previously the petrol cars had to be winded up by hand with great exertion.
The first battery-electric driven car of the world of Ayrton & Perry
 from the year 1882, a Detroit Electric from 1915. 

Electric Car...

A Breguet A2 Car 1942-1945: 
Top 40 km/hour, 200 ex, range about 65 kms

Steam Car...

A Stanley Steamer 1913 *Bus-carrying

A Stanley Steamer steam-car from 1919, 
as well as a Mercedes Simplex from 1903,
 illustrates impressively the state of technology of different
 driving mechanisms in the automobile early times. 

Plug-in Hybrid.

Further modern electric cars show how the electric motor in the car
 manufacturing of newer time carries through little by little.

Past and future: 

At the five-days fair everything, nearly everything, is offered around the topic 
vintage-cars and young-timers – so there meets also from 5 until 10 April 2017 .

A lot of VIP’s from movies and TV, racing driver stars from the history 
and present of the motor sport and the most important deciders from
 the classic scene as well again. 
The attractive and fascinating exhibition spectrum makes the Techno-Classica Essen 
to the automobile infotainment event of first class for the whole family 
– to the world fair of the car.

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