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woensdag 10 juli 2013

British Autojumble 2013:Waalwijk

Park Het Lido, 
Vijverlaan te Waalwijk
Datum: 30 juni 2013

Op Zondag 30 Juni 2013 vond in Het Lido Park Waalwijk
 voor de 16e keerBritish Autojumble plaats georganiseerd door 
de Stichting Federatie NederlandseMG Verenigingen in samenwerking 
met de MGATO, MGTTO en MGCC.

Zo'n 1500 Britse Automobielen & vele Bezoekers genoten van dit gebeuren
met dit keer fantastisch weer een een gezellige ongedwongen sfeer.
VICTRACE RETRO MEDIA was er weer bij en maakte een volgend report...

"Mardi Gras" Jazz Band
Austin Seven Opal 1938

De KNAC stand "bemanning"
met  o.m. Stephan ten Kley

MG MGB V8 Conversion 1975

MG RV8 1993 190 PK LHD

Chromen spaakjes...
MG TD Mk II Roadster 1952

MG TD Mk II Roadster 1951

Austin Morris Riley Wolseley Register
"De belevenis van het Jaar"

De mannen...

Austin Glider 1300 GT 1971

Austin 1100 19666
* met MG 1300 grille 

MG MGB met en zonder winddeflector :) ^^
"Midnight Blue" uit 1973

"Cocrodile Dundee" was er ook  "live" aanwezig...
FORD Popular 1953

MG Magnette 1967

De Jenssens waren er ook...Interceptor & FF

TVR Tuscan S 2000

Mini Cooper S works GP 2007

Austin A40 Sommerset 1954

The English Drivers Guild (B)

Triumph TR 2
Triumphs TR 3


Triumph TR3 1961

Triumphs TR 4 1966

Triumph Stag  1972 V8


Morgan Aero 8 2002


Morgan Aero 8 2002

Morgan +4

Jaguar XK 120 roadster 1954


Triumph Gloria 1935

De Trotse Eigenaar: Bert Mooijekind 
won met deze Triumph Gloria uit 1935
de 1e prijs Meguiar's Concours d Élegance 2012.




Sunbeam Talbot 90 MK III 1956

Morgan +8 1995

" Morgana mooi ! "
"Klok kijken & Boekskes"
Oude Bekende Ex-Triumph Spitfire Coureur/Rallyerijders 
Arthur Denzler & Ina de Hoop weerzien na zo'n 20 jaar
 Denzler Restauraties

Triumph Spitfire Rally 1964


Morris Minor 1933
Austin Seven (rebodied car)
 ^^Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1977
MG ZT 260  2005 V8 Mustang Power

Austin Healey Sprite 1967

-1935 -
MG Midget Pa 1935
MG Magnette N 1935

MG L1 Magna 1933

Jaguar XK 140  Roadster 1956
MG MGB Diorama ^^
MG MG A Coupe

Jaguar XK 120 Roadster 1952
Triumph Herald  12/50 Cabriolet 1967
Triumph Herald 1200 1965

Triumph Stag  1975 V8
The Real one...Lotus Eleven
The Westfield Lotus Replica
"The MG Midgets Sports" 1967 Lotus Replica kit.



Austin Seven Saloon Car 1930

YA ...alweer blauw :)


Singer Roadster A4 1950


Rob Arrijjansen
The Rootes Specialist
Humber Super Snipe Landaulette  MK II 1949
For the 1948 Mark II the body was updated, headlights fitted into the wings
 and running-boards re-introduced. Transverse-spring independent 
suspension, first introduced on the Snipe and Pullman in 1935, continued to 
be used. A few drophead coupés were made by Tickford in 1949 and 1950.
 The smaller-engined Snipe was discontinued. Early Mark II Super Snipes 
can be distinguished by round fog lamps below the head lamps. 
These were dropped in 1949 in favour of rectangular side lamps 
which were continued in the Mark III.
Mooi Setje...
Triumph TR 7
" Twee halen een betalen !? "

TOJEIRO Dax Cobra 2009 V8 / COMMANCHEE ArrowHead 1997 V8
MINI Special 1100 1979
Mini Clubman

Austin Ten Convertible 1934

Custom Car Show Leiden
15 okt 1983

Lotus Europa S2 1973

Autorai: Lotus stand 1973

Triumph Spitfire 1963

Riley Adelphi 1936 1,5 Ltr Saloon car 4 cyl

The Morris Minor Club Nederland

 Swallow Doretti 1955

The Swallow Doretti was a two-seater sports car built on Tube chassis
 utilizing Triumph TR2,mechanicals, made between 1954 and 1955.
The marque came from Swallow Coachbuilding Co. (1935) Ltd. which was sold 
in 1945 by Jaguar (formerly SS Cars Ltd) to the Helliwell Group which was 
taken over in 1946 by the British conglomerate, the Tube Investments Group
 (TI). The Dorreti name was derived from Dorothy Deen, who Managed the 
Western US distributorship Cal Sales.
The first and only model produced by Swallow under TI ownership was the
Doretti, which had a tubular Reynolds 531 Cromolly chassis with a body made 
of a steel inner structural skin and aluminium outer. Most cars were supplied 
with overdrive and they were capable of 100 mph. 276 MKI cars were made, 
including a single fixed head coupe version. 
Also two MK II cars The car was designed by in-house engineer
 Frank Rainbow, and produced in the TI factory at The Airport, Walsall, Staffordshire, England.
Production stopped in 1955 when the parent company TI changed policy. 
Allegedly, pressure from the British motor industry, most notably Jaguar itself, 
led to the cessation of production of the Doretti. It is thought that the 
directors of TI were pressured in that in the production of the Doretti sports 
car placed TI at an advantage over their customers buying raw materials, 
creating a serious conflict of interest.

Performance :

A car with overdrive tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1954 had a
 top speed of 100.2 mph (161.3 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph 
(97 km/h) in 12.3 seconds. A fuel consumption of 27.9 miles per imperial 
gallon (10.1 L/100 km; 23.2 mpg-US) was recorded. 
The test car cost £1,158 including taxes.
The standard version without overdrive cost £1102. 
At the time a Triumph TR2 cost £887.

 Swallow Doretti 1955

Triumph TR 2

MG MG B versus Triumph TR 6 
Nu met Jos Jurriens & Theo Ouborg
English Car Rallye Eurocircuit Valkenswaard

Austin Ten 30-tiger jaren...
Austin Ten Saloon car


MG RV 8 1995 LHD

MG T Type 1947 (US found))

Finally Restored !


MG TC Midget 1947 "Jos Car"

De samenwerkende MG Car Clubs 
hadden heel wat te bieden...
onder meer de  MG T-Type Owners Club
die dit jaar 45 bestaat  !

Er was veel belangstelling voor deze net gerestaureerde MG  6cylinder in lijn:
om precies te zijn een uiterst fraaie MG 18/80 MK II uit 1930 
van Cees Roeleveld

4 Seater Open Tourer
6 cyl. 2468 cc Chain-Driven OHC 60@ BHP 3200 RPM
2 SU Carburettors 11/4 with two flaots
Dubble Points Ignition, 4 Speed Gearbox with lock, Drum Brakes. 
MG 1300
Bobtail Pepper & MG 1300 MK II 1969 van Fam.Marjolein van Gessel
Riley RMA 1952

Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane 1946

Armstrong Siddeley Whitley 1950
A.S. Lancaster 1947 / A.M. Star Sapphire 1950
MG Midget 1948


Austin A35  "en route"
Jaguar/ London Black Cab
Lotus Eclat Excel S.E.1987
De Prijswinnaar bij de Lotus Club

Mertien de Bie heeft altijd wel weer iets aparts..
Een orginele vacuum richtingaanwijzer nieuw in de doos !
Austin A35 Saloon Car 1957

Morris Minor Traveller 1968

Kip caravan 1964 type: Kuiken dus..

" MG 6 "
MG 18/80 Mark II 1930
4 Seater Open Tourer
6 cyl. 2468 cc Chain-Driven OHC 60@ BHP 3200 RPM
2 SU Carburettors 11/4 with two flaots
Dubble Points Ignition, 4 Speed Gearbox with lock, Drum Brakes. 
British Cars & Lifestyle 2013

Eigenbouw: CHM 

"Spyker Techniek"

Eigenbouw: CHM Ford 1200cc 1957
Gezellig zo...
MG L2 1933 Painted Wire Wheels !
MG MGB Tourer 1980 Brooklands Green
Met Dank aan Pim van derVeer
voor zijn fotobijdrage.
Foto-  Video- &
 Tekst bewerking:
 Motoring George Spauwen.


Het zit en staat er allemaal op...
Wij gaan huiswaarts💨💨💨
Sponsored by
Motoring George Spauwen

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