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maandag 16 mei 2016

The Lombard London-Sydney Marathon 1993 Part I

The London-Sydney Marathon 1993

Nick Brittan, a competitor in the original event in a Lotus Cortina, 
established his company as an organiser of modern endurance rallies 
with a 25th anniversary re-run of the marathon in 1993.
He persuaded 21 drivers who had competed in 1968 to return, 
including Andrew Cowan and Roger Clark, 
and altogether 106 teams from 17 countries entered. 
Cowan drove the same car as the first time, 
having his Hillman Hunter loaned to him by the Scottish Automobile 
Club museum, while other competitors drove pre-1970 era cars. 
The entry fee was £12,900, and the estimated cost
 of participating was put at £45,000.
The 16,000 km rally had three major differences to its ancestor. 
First, the changing political climate in the Middle East meant that several
 countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan were now out of bounds, 
although in Europe, Turkey and Australia 
much of the original route was retraced. 
Also, the old scheduled open road sections were replaced 
with more modern timed special stages for safety reasons. 
Finally, with the demise of the great passenger liners there would be 
no great voyage across the Indian Ocean to Australia,
 Brittan instead negotiating for two Antonov An-124 
cargo planes to take the vehicles to Australia.
The winning driver was Francis Tuthill in a Porsche 911, 
ahead of the Ford Falcon GT of Ian Vaughan who finished third in 1968
Kenya's Mike Kirkland, a stalwart of the Safari Rally, 
took the final place on the podium in a Peugeot 504.

(Source: Wikipedia)


 Because it is a very long report,
 and they have to scroll too much, 
I break it down into at least Five Parts ...
In 1968 werd de 1e London-Sydney Marathon verreden, 
georganiseerd door Daily Express & Sunday Telegraph,
25 jaar later werd dit nog eens over gedaan
in de vorm van de 3e Editie London Sydney Marathon 1993.

De Start in London
Equipe #15 Paul van Doorne - David van Lennep

Equipe #15 Paul van Doorne - David van Lennep

pakte in Belgie de draad op en ging naar Stage: Tihange 
voor wat Videofilmopnamen van waaruit nu
een ruim aantal DVC Pro CCD III Videosnaphots
en wat foto's...aldaar...

TROS TV: (Producent-Presentator: Hein van Nievelt &
Cameraman: Raymond Haverlag waren dus ook aan de slag)


#1 Andrew Cowan-Syer Hillman Hunter GB
Winner 1968: Andrew Cowan
#2 Roger Clark-Moy  Ford Escort GB

#3 Vaughan-Lake  Ford Falcon AUS

#4 Morris-Stapleton  Morgan +8  GB
#5 Lister-Edwards   Volvo 144S AUS

#6 Ipatenko-Vodianitski  Moskovitch-YO8 Russia
#7 Green-Green Ford Escort AUS
#8 Shavelev-Dolbish  Moskovitch-YO8 Russia
#9 McClintock-Dunn  Peugeot-404 Eire
#10 Vanson-Costen  Peugeot-504 France
#11 Brittan-Thomas  Ford Escort GB/AUS
#12 Dickson-Loweree  AMC Rambler USA
#13 Preston-Hampson Rover 2000 TC GB
#14 Hunter-Bowden  Porsche 911 GB

Equipe #15 Paul van Doorne - David van Lennep DAF 55 Holland
Equipe #15 Paul van Doorne - David van Lennep DAF 55 Holland
Equipe #15 Paul van Doorne - David van Lennep DAF 55 Holland
#16 Harrison-Proudlock  Ford Cortina MKII GB
#17 Bell-Kingsley  Volvo 144S GB
#18 Vipond-Kolodotschko  Mercedes 220SE GB
#19 Reynolds-West  Volkswagen Type 1 AUS
#20 Wilson-Harper  Rolls-Royce AUS
#21 King-Wadman Hillman Hunter GB
#22 Hodgson-Lawton  Ford Falcon XT AUS
#23 Sugden-McCrudden  Ford Cortina MK II GB
#24 Rogers-Hall  Ford Cortina GT MK II GB
#25 Hall-Hall  Ford Escort GB
#26 Anderson-Ryan  Alfa Romeo Giulia AUS
#27 Hirons-Lindsey  Alfa Romeo GTV AUS
#28 Summer-Durham  Morgan +4 GB/AUS
#30 Dunkerton-Mansson Ford Falcon GT AUS

Equipe #31 Erik Leerdam-Jan van der Heijden  Peugeot 404 Holland
Equipe #31 Erik Leerdam-Jan van der Heijden  Peugeot 404 Holland
#32 Dixon-Wait  Ford Zephyr MK II GB
#33 Hogson-Brooks  Mercedes 220SE GB
#34 Campbell-Williams  Hillman Hunter GB
#35 Finigan-Marjoram  Ford Lotus Cortina GT MK II GB
#36 Pearce-Beukes  MG MGB GT  S.Africa
#37 Dalgaro-Taylor  Ford Lotus Cortina MK I GB
#38 Stamm-Stamm  MG MGB  Germany
#39 Redding-Perris  Ford Escort MK I GB

#40 Harvey-Griffiths  Porsche 911S GB

#41 Lamb-Malcom  Holden HR AUS
#42 Simek-Lendecky Skoda 1100 MB Czech
#43 Ketelbey-Ketelbey Ford Mustang AUS
#44 Paterson-North  Volvo Amazon GB
#45 Rainsford-Rainsford Ford Mustang AUS
#46 Kotek-Sedivy Skoda 1100 MB Czech
#47 Bevan-Furness  Volvo 144S AUS
#48 Almond-Fisher Datsun 1600 AUS
#49 Short-Starkey Ford Escort GB
#50 Cajani-Macellari Alfa Romeo Gilulia Ti GB
#51 Tuthill-Showell  Porsche 911 GB
#52 Tokugawa-Kamei Ford Escort MK I Japan
#53 Johnson-Johnson Ford Mustang  GT AUS

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