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dinsdag 4 februari 2014

InterClassics - TopMobiel 2014 Part III: Pre-War Race Legends

InterClassics - TopMobiel 2014 
Part III:

 Pre-War Race Legends 

The very first car race took place in 1887, with the first Grand Prix 
debuting in 1906.
 Speed was already of the essence in racing’s early history, 
with the Blitzen Benz breaking the 200 km/h speed limit in 1906.
Drivers were completely subordinate to mechanics. 

In collaboration with Pre War Cars, the Pre War Race Legends 
show pavilion will be displaying the heroic speed machines of yesteryear
- the forefathers of Formula 1.

Riley MPH
(DVC PRO CCDIII Video snapshots)
3e Nationaal Concours D'elegance Paleis Het Loo Apeldoorn 
1-2 sept 2001 




Bugatti Type 54 Grand Prix 1931 (#54201).

 *Body altered to correct Grand Prix 54 spec by Rod Jolley 2008.




(DVC PRO CCDIII Video snapshots)

VOLPI Cadillac V16 8000 cc 1939
(kopie: DVC PRO CCD III Video)

- Dutch Vintage Sportscar Club
 TT Circuit Assen 2004
- Vredestein Sprint : 
5e Nationaal Concours D'elegance Paleis Het Loo
 Apeldoorn 28-29 august 2004 

(Bron Tekst: IC-Topmobiel & VRM)

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Motoring George Spauwen

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